Educational Tour - Second Day

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Highest peak of Southern India (Doddabedda) at 8K+ above the sea level

Our day started with nice breakfast. Our host - Brookland Christian Guest House, packed lunch for us and arranged a vehicle to visit the tallest peak of Southern India - Doddabedda, and Ooty botanical garden.


About 30 minutes into our drive, something unexpected happend - our vehicle broke down. Driver tried his best to fix but it didn't work. We all got off the vehicle and sat by the roadside. Our Program Coordinator smartly engaged girls while I was working with the driver. Almost after an hour into our ordeal, I called our host to see if he can help. He did something unbelievable - he took two female guest house staff and reached us in no time. Not only that, he also arranged for another vehicle which was much bigger than the earlier one and more importantly had good sound system and place for our girls to dance which they appreciated very much. Just to be sure that there are no untoward situations, they drove all the way up to Doddabedda and back. I felt, we received more than 5 star hotel service and we couldn't be more thankful to Mr. Ananthraj and his staff.


Because of the delay, we reached Doddabedda at 1:30 PM which was a blessing in disguise because the sun was hot and we didn't feel the place very cold at 8650 feet from the sea level. Girls enjoyed watching farthest towns below through the telescope to see the moving cars. They were amazed to see the picturesque light blue sky. We talked a little about challenges for human body in high altitudes.


Then, it was time for lunch. We stopped by the roadside and realized how good of a lunch our host had prepared. Then, we reached Ooty Botanical Garden. They ran around like anything there while a few took very keen interest in plants and flowers.


On our drive back, one of our graduates who has been following this trip on Whatsapp status couldn't take it anymore and made a video call to talk to the girls. She was so emotional talking to them that it made us feel that we are doing something right.


By the time we reached back, it was 6:45 PM and our dinner was ready. By 7:30 PM, we were done with our dinner and gathered for reflection time and a dance session as it is our last night here.


During the reflection time, one girl's candid expression caught me by surprise. She shared her hated moment. When everyone wanted to do shopping at the Botanical Garden, I brought those who didn't have money to the vehicle to protect them from more heartache and disappointment. She wasn't upset with me but the situation that she was in. I felt then that we ought to keep a small amount of money for such girls from next trip. I was saddened to hear her but glad she brought it up so openly to teach us how it can be done differently.


Then, girls had a dance session for an hour and disbursed after praying to thank God and our supporters. Tomorrow we go to Black Thunder - a theme park in Mettupalayam after that we head back home to Vellore.

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