Educational Tour - Third Day

Day started with a very nutritious breakfast.  Taken a few last minute photos in the premises before the bus came to take us to Black Thunder theme park.  Our host (Brooklands Christian Guest House) was so good that he got a rental bus which is much more spacious with good sound system for girls to enjoy dancing at the lowest price.


We reached the theme park at about 11:45 AM.  Rev. Jeyaraj Arunachalam - our trust President, helped us to get tickets to the theme park at a discounted price through his mutual friend.  We were assigned to a guide who was with us for the whole day.

Hope House girls got right into the theme park with so much excitement that it is difficult to express in words.  They tried almost all the activities/ rides that the park had offered.  We were there till 4:30 PM and reached Mettupalayam railway station to catch our train to head back home to Vellore.

Educational Tour - Day3.jpg

Fun at 'Black Thunder' theme park

In the train, it was so much fun with girls playing 'Anthakshari'  and other passengers joining in it.  Reached Katpadi at 2:50 AM.  Had a small prayer in the station to thank God and all our supporters and disbursed.

My thoughts:  In all our educational tours so far, this was the most challenging tour in planning and resource mobilization.  There was uncertainty about the trip till the last minute but once we were out, our staff and I knew that we had to do our best to give them the memories of a lifetime while ensuring their safety and protection.

I witnessed so many beautiful things on the tour with the girls.  They knew that they are not in their comfort zones so they began to show more sisterly love to each other than usual.  They would carry each other's luggages without being asked, they volunteer to accompany each other where someone is alone, offering each others lap to lay their heads to rest a while... List goes on and on.  Apart from learning about the destinations and places, watching to see the girls learning to support and enjoy each others company while bonding and growing together is priceless.

Yesterday, a 10th grader who was sitting next to me in the train said "uncle, everywhere we go, we had someone to help" and that brings me to the last point of expressing our heartfelt gratitude to each and everyone who made this trip possible for the girls.  It would be too long of a list to name everyone here but if you have played a role in some way, kindly be assured that we are grateful to you.  Some of you have written the most kind comments while others tried to arrange for a cup of coffee near to where we were on the trip.  It is not the magnitude of support that you extended, we are talking about but the manner in which you did.

Our management, staff, volunteers, and children played a significant role in making this trip a safe one for everyone.  We say a big thank you to each of them.

Last but not the least, the God that we trust and the people that He brought our way just at the right times cannot be ignored but be thankful for.  God bless.

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