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7 reasons to support the Hope House

The Hope House is a registered (in 2004) charitable trust in Vellore, Tamilnadu and working for the children in need of care and protection.  We want our supporters to be informed of our work before they choose to support us so we have compiled 10 reasons why they could consider becoming our supporters.

  1. Passion:  Hope House was started by three passionate healthcare professionals who studied in Christian Medical College, Vellore (CMC, Vellore) and were well settled in the US.  Two of them have relocated to India to play hands on role.

  2. Credibility:  Hope House is listed by GiveIndia, accredited by Credibility Alliance and God certified by Guidestar India.  We are the only NGO between Bangalore and Chennai to have this distinction.  If we may put this into context, approximately there are 30 lakhs of NGO's in India today but GiveIndis supports only about 200 and we are proud that we are one among them.

  3. Works with Government:  We are the partner NGO of Government of India (Ministry of Women & Child Development) to be sub-center partner to implement Childline1098 in Vellore district.  We went through the rigorous due deligence process of the Government to be chosen

  4. Works with external NGO's:  We are the local implementing partner of a London based NGO called 'Railway Children' which has chosen the Hope House after the due diligence process of 40 local NGO's.

  5. Tax-Exempt Organization:  Hope House was granted Tax exemption status under section 80G (of Indian Tax code) in 2006 and FCRA registration in 2011.

  6. People's Organization:  As of now, we do not have any corporate donors supporting us and all our operations are supported by individuals.

  7. Rights Based Organization:  We work with children in need of care and protection.  We recognize each child's rights and we consciously chose to work on the rights based approach rather than the welfare based approach.