What does a decent cup of coffee mean to you?  For the Hope House, it is about winning or losing Rs.1.25 Lakshs.  Hope House is in a fundraising contest to win Rs. 1.25 Lakhs ($1735) if they can raise donations from 1500 unique donors before March 31st.  You can donate as small amount as Rs. 100 (1.5/-) but each donation has to be made on a different email address.  Also your donation entitles you for an instant, printable tax deductible receipt (for Indian, American and British donors) delivered to your in your email.  Can we count on you?

Needed number of donors to reach the goal (as of March 14th, 10:48 AM) 


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Address: The Hope House, Door No: 3/188, (Near) SIH-R&LC (Karigiri Hospital), Shanthinagar, Kandipedu Panchayat, Katpadi Taluk. 632106.

Phone Numbers:

Office: 0416-2274450

Mobile: 9629471920

Email: info@indiahopehouse.org

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