You have an NGO and wants to advertise? Google is giving ~ Rs. 20,000/- every day ...sign up today 

For the lack of donors support, even the professionally managed NGO's do not have marketing budgets and if they do, the amounts could be very small compared to the resources that they generate.  But what if a donor wants to support an NGO for this precise purpose with a budget of Rs. 20,000/- every day?  You think you can use it?

'Google' is a global conglomerate providing a digital advertisement platform that has democratized the marketing.  Any business (I mean a business of any size) can log into and 

create their own advertisement, specify the budget and the targeted location and you're on your way to advertise your business.  Every time someone finds your ad and clicks on it, money is deducted from your account till it reaches zero when ads stop working.  Its all automated.  All that one needs is the net connection, money to pay and little bit of an understanding of how adwords work (believe me, you can learn everything on google web site)

Google is promoting the same concept of advertisement to any registered NGO by giving them $329/- everyday (little over Rs. 20,000/- every day) or $10,000/- each month.  Only difference is this:  You don't pay money to Google but google deposits $329 of virtual money into your account and every time someone finds your NGO ad and clicks on it, they are directed to your web page, money gets depleted till it reaches zero.  If you don't spend all of the $329/- for that day, it goes for a waste and new virtual money is deposited.

So, how do you sign up for it?  You must sign up first with BigTech of NASSCOM Foundation which allows you to register with Google for Nonprofits.  Once you register with Google for Nonprofits, you set up Google Adgrants account and you're all set.  Since Google is supporting the NGO's with huge grant every day (I've heard that even some corporates do not have that kind of marketing budget), they have very strict rules and no compromise of any kind is entertained.  This is an opportunity no NGO should pass because more you advertise your NGO to tell people about your work, there is a high possibility that you could generate precious resources in abundance.  Happy marketing.

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