Child of the month

'Child of the month' award is a positive reinforcement technique used in the Hope House to mold the children to the desired levels to help them to become successful.  For the month of December, we have chosen 11 years old Lakshmi who has been living with us for the past two years and had come a long way since to reach where she is today.  She had been through the valleys that no child should ever go through but we are glad that we could play this small role in shaping her and it is our hope that she is proud of the community that is trying to help her and learns to stands on her feet.  

When we give away this award, we keep it as a surprise, build the momentum and invite a guest from outside so that it becomes an important event of the month.  This award is given on Saturday the 7th of January, 2017.  Below is the citation that was read and displayed in the Hope House.

In the last one year, there is a tremendous change and maturity in Lakshmi. In the beginning, she was a below average student in academics but now she is beginning to equip herself to compete with the other children.  In the beginning, she used to be very loud and quarrelsome but has mellowed down significantly and beginning to learn to be quiet.      


Lakshmi shows her love and affection to other children in the Hope House and there is no limit for it. For example, every day, she used to help give a bath to the youngest child of the Hope House - Prasanna, and help him to put on his clothes. She also used to plays with him. Because of that, Prasanna became very affectionate towards Lakshmi.  Recently, she developed a new interest to care for the plants. Lakshmi stores many seeds. She plants them and waters them. One day, she harvested a tapioca plant

which she herself cultivated and it had been used for that day's snack for all the Hope House girls. She looks after her plants like as if they are her own eyes.  If she sees any new flower or fruit or any new signs in the plants, she goes out and shares the news with others.


If someone is angry with her, she has learned to control her emotions.  She remains quiet till she gets an opportunity to talk to that person normally and begins to talk casually.  She used to wear not so tidy clothes before but now she wears clean clothes and combs her hair neatly to be presentable.  After coming from the school, she changes her clothes, washes her face and starts to do her chores. She does her homework and completes all her duties on her own.


She has become polite and respectful to others compared to before.  She engages in all the activities of the Hope House.  There is also an increased interest in drawing and coloring in her. Above all, she is very patient. She has developed her soft-skills and willingness to help others.  Above all this, Lakshmi has become more self-confident now than before.  


So, Hope House has great pleasure in announcing Lakshmi as a child of the month. We wish Lakshmi all the best for her future.  


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Hope House is planning to allocate some money to help Lakshmi to spend more time and her efforts in learning gardening.  Want to support her?  Write to us at