What is Hope House

It is a registered charitable trust in Vellore, Tamilnadu, India, working for children that need care and protection.  Read more about the Hope House at this link.  



What is GiveIndia and is it trustworthy to give online on their site?

It is registered society in Ahmedabad but their operations are based in Mumbai.  It is a premiere fundraising platform of India working with a select number of NGO's that comply with their standards of accountability, governance, and transparency.  We have been working with them since 2011 and extremely satisfied with the service.  Their payment gateway is absolutely secure and you can donate on their site without any apprehensions.  Please do let us know if you have any problems.




How does the fund transfer take place once I make a donation on GiveIndia site?

Once your donation goes through, you shall receive a tax-exempt certificate (for Indian, American and British donors) instantly in your email inbox and then GiveIndia wire transfers funds on the 10th of each month to the respective organizations. 




Is Chinthamani raising more than she needs?

Yes.  There are a number of students that we support for higher education apart from those that graduate out of the Hope House like these girls.  If at all they raise anything more than that they need, proceeds would be used for these deserving outside students that are covered under a program called "The Education Assistance Program" or TEAP.




Does she have to raise money (when there are corporate grants and loans available) and my second question is why does she need to pay this money back to the Hope House when she raised it on her own?

Good question.  We are not against corporate grants and loans.  In fact, she will be making use of such proceeds extensively but only after they exhaust the money that she works hard to raise.  By making her work hard to raise this money, we are hoping that we can teach her various life skills such as navigating computers, skill o f persuasion, and of course hard work.  


The logic in asking her to return the money that they receive from the Hope House (with no interest and time frames but only after they have a gainful employment) is this:  When she is in need of help, someone stepped forward to support her and we want our girls to understand that they too have the responsibility to step forward to support someone in need when they can.  Money that they return will only be used for higher education assistance for the marginalized children.  This means money that you give today will be in circulation for perpetuity. 




Can anyone write a testimonial for these girls?

We encourage you to write a testimonial only if you have interacted with Chinthamani.  Legitimate and scrupulous testimonials that we receive will be vetted by her before they being posted on the site.





Can I create a matching grant to make the girls work a little harder?

Absolutely.  You choose the amount and the modality.





Can I make an offline donation to Chinthamani?

Yes, but it has to be a bank transaction (cheque or wire transfer) and you must designate the girl for whom the funds are donated. 

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