Hope House works hard to establish strong credentials.  We do this because we believe in staying accountable to all our stake holders (donors, beneficiaries, and the government ect.).  Scroll down and read about each icon that you have seen on the top of the page to learn about what each organization looks at before granting their approval.  We like each of our supporters to know our credentials before supporting us and if you're convinced of our credentials, please do share this site with others.

GuideStar India is India’s largest and most reliable online information repository with 8000 NGOs. We have been awarded the prestigious GuideStar India Gold award for 2018 and have joined India’s largest pool of credible NGOs after undergoing a rigorous due diligence process. GuideStar India’s Gold Certification is the Advanced Level certification indicating that high level of accountability and good governance procedures are adopted by the organisation. It shares in the public domain, its tax returns filed within due date, audited annual accounts and auditor’s report submitted to tax authorities for two years and that there are no material qualifications in its audited accounts. To view our profile at GuideStar India, please click here.

GiveIndia is a premiere fundraising platform of India located in Mumbai.  GiveIndia lists an NGO on their web site after doing their rigorous due diligence to believe that they are working with a credible organization.  We earned the stripes of GiveIndia in 2012 and have been adequately responsible to get it renewed each year.  Credibility of GiveIndia listing ought to be seen in its total context.  It is estimated that there are three million NGO's (30 lakhs) in India today and GiveIndia works with not more than 200 and we are proud to be one among those few.  According to their NGO marker map, Hope House is the only listed NGO between Bangalore and Chennai (approximate distance of 350 KM).  Want to donate on GiveIndia platform (for the Hope House) now?  Click here.  If you're a corporate and interested in working with us, click here to write to us.

Credibility Alliance is a consortium of NGO's promoting transparency, accountability and governance among Indian NGO's.  Their office is located in New Delhi.  Hope House is been accredited for the desirable norms (highest norms) in 2013 after going through their due diligence process.  

Hope House also is a partner NGO for two external organizations called 'Railway Children' and Childline of Ministry of Women & Child Development of Government of India.