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Educational tour to Hyderabad  


It's been three years since we've been on an educational tour.  We have been taking the Hope House children on an annual educational tour since 2012 but due to the pandemic we stopped.  So many of you have come forward to support us for this educational tour this year and we thought to take you along with us to Hyderabad through photos and videos.  We created a photo album where we hope to upload all the photos and videos for you to access in one place.


We also hope to upload all our photos and videos along with updates on the Hope House's social media handles (facebook, instagram, linkedin and twitter) and the comments widget at the bottom of htis page for you to interact with our children.  We want to say a big thank you to each and everyone of you who have played a role in make this educational tour a reality for our children.  We hope that you'll come along with us to join in.

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