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Adoption & Foster care workshop

(Hosted by the Department of Social Defence of Government of Tamilnadu

in partnership with the Hope House)

Living with parents in a family is every child's right and the Government of Tamilnadu is committed to enable every child who is deprived of a family to have one, either through adoption or foster care which are recognized as legitimate alternatives to set up/ build a family under the provisions of Juvenile & Justice Act  (JJAct) of India. 

To create awareness on these alternatives, department of social defence of Government of Tamilnadu is partnering with the Specialized Adoption Agency (SAA) in Vellore district - The Hope House.  Any prospective adoptive & foster parents can attend this workshop to get empowered.

Workshop date:  Thursday, 22nd of June, 2023

Time: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Location: Sri Annamalaiyar Residency (New New Bus stand, Vellore)

Seating is limited so we are asking the prospective parents to register (first come first serve basis) below to book a seat today.

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