Celebrate your birthday today by feeding the hungry children

As you celebrate your special occasion (your birthday, birthday of your loved one's, and wedding/ death anniversary etc) this month, would you like to support the children's meal (at the Hope House) for a day?  You simply choose the date and the meal of your choice that is given below and we'll make sure that the children receive what we promise to you. 

Support monthly groceries
  • Regular meal (one meal: breakfast/ lunch/ dinner) for 26 students:  Rs 750/-

  • Special meal (one vegetarian meal: breakfast/ lunch/ dinner) for 26 students: Rs. 2500/-

  • Speal meal (one non-vegetarian meal: lunch/ dinner) for 26 students: Rs. 3500/-

Call now (9629471920) to check with us to see if the day of your choice is free for us to host you.  On the day of your choice, we'll intercede on your behalf with Almighty to shower His abundant blessings upon you for your generosity towards the marginalized.