Stories of generosity of special ocassions

May, 2018:  A family wanted give three bags of rice in celebration of the husband's birthday.  We were thrilled to know that 

They advised us to collect the bags of rice from a particular shop.  We were thrilled to know that our rice needs for a month are gong to be met.  Little did we realise that there was a surprise waiting for us.They've ordered 10 bags of high quality rice of 25 KG each.  Our joy knew no bounds.  This amount of rice would help us for the next three months of our rice needs.  We couldn't help but thank and praise God for sending His guardian angels to support a small organization like ours.  You want to support us to celebrate your special occasion?  See our needs list here.  Thank you friend for your faithful support.  God Bless.  Don't forget to subscribe to our newsfeed above.  

September, 2017 A local (Vellore, Tamilnadu) private school correspondent called the Hope House to ask if she could provide special meals for the girls to celebrate her birthday.  We were delighted of her thoughtfulness but suggested for her to look at our needs list to see if she would be interested to purchase any of the dry grocery items in the same budget.  Our logic was this:  Instead of providing one special meal, if the donor would agree to supply the dry groceries (within the same budget), that could  last a longer period of time than one meal.   


We never asked her for her budget but what we she did next completely caught us off guard.  Local online grocer (MaxMaa Retail Private Limited at 09677883823) was calling to tell us that he needed to deliver the groceries on behalf of this supporter.  When we saw the items they delivered, she paid for the entire months groceries. Thank you friend for your generosity.  God bless.