Empowering teenagers to learn about puberty and adolescence

This is Priya in Tamilnadu, India who was subjected to such a severe form of sexual harassment that she refused to accept that the dignity of any woman can be negotiable, that she decided to take the matters into her own hands to lead the fight with a purpose and a direction.  She is from a rural background and grew up at a children's home called 'the Hope House'.  She was with full of dreams and life was nothing but normal for her until 10th grade (sophomore) when she became a target for the local boys harassment.  She felt lost and violated.

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While the Hope House took care of the boys with the help of the police she became empathetic towards the girls of her age.  She learned (about reproductive health and adolescence) and reached out to 400 school girls.  She was featured in the newspaper and began reaching out to more schools and reached out to more than 2000 students. Today, purely based on Priya's observations during her teaching, Hope House has started a program called 'Project YUVA' (Project for the Young people to Understand and Verbalize Adolescence) that is expected to reach out to hundreds of students in Vellore district and more.