Jayamalini hails from a very small village of a tribal hamlet in the state of Tamilnadu.  she is the eldest of the three siblings.  Completed the entire education at a near by Government school and passed with reasonable marks in 12th grade.

When she approached the Hope House, she was like a young lady without any aim nor fire in her belly to excel in life.  Although she got admission to study nursing at a reputed college in the state of Tamilnadu, due to difficult family dynamics, she chose to study one year diploma in Geriatric Care offered by the Hope House in partnership with Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai.

As days turned into weeks, this timid teenager began opening up and that was the beginning of her dreams.  She learned to ride a bicycle, use computers, interacting with our western volunteers to learn to speak English and all this and more began to build her confidence.  It was six months in to the course already and she received the most


devastating news  any teenager of her age could ever handle - her father passed away.  She was her 'daddy's girl' and she found the loss very hard to cope with.  We loved and supported her unconditionally.  Gradually she overcame her grief to be herself and before she knew she completed the diploma in Geriatric Care.

As soon as her results came, there came another blow.  Her mother arranged for an alliance for her to get married.  Tasting success and nurturing dreams, Jayamalini was in no mood to accommodate a man so she politely resisted her mother.  We supported Jayamalini and her mother relented.


She sprung the biggest surprise to all of us by saying that she wants to pursue Bachelor of Arts.  Not knowing how to factor and accommodate the diploma that she acquired and the desire to pursue bachelors course, we explored all options.  We guided her about how she can pursue both.  We found an elderly widow who is looking for a companion, agreed to employ Jayamalini with food, accommodation and monthly pocket money.  Jayamalini embraced the opportunity with both arms as the elderly woman lives right next door to her college.  College also give her a scholarship.  Jayamalini suddenly felt the thrust beneath her wings and there was no stopping her from soaring to the stars.  


Now she has completed the first year of B.A. and talking about writing competitive state public service commission examination and/ or pursuing bachelor of education (B. Ed) to become a teacher.  We couldn't agree more with this dreamer.  She feels that pursuing one year diploma in Geriatric Care is not the end but a beginning to building a glorious future as this open up unlimited opportunities.  Keep going to the higher ground Jayamalini.  Good luck.  




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