How do you deal with an unacceptable behavior of a

child in a child care institution (CCI)?

Every entity would have their acceptable behaviors and not acceptable behaviors and the children's homes are no different.  JJ Act doesn't prescribe what is acceptable/ not acceptable behavior but expects the institution to orient and train the child of their rules (sub-rule (M)(1) of rule (69) of JJ rules 2016)

Having said this, JJ rules (2016) do prescribe the possible specific actions, a child care institution can engage in, in case of violation of rule(s) that constitute to be 'unacceptable behavior'. 

Sub rules (1) and (2) of rule N of JJ rules 2016 states the following:


N. Manner of dealing with unacceptable behavior:- 


(1) The action taken shall be commensurate with the nature and degree of violation and the age of the child and may be any of the following: 


(i) formal warning; 

(ii) assignment of house-keeping tasks; 

(iii) imposition writing i.e. writing a number of times that he shall not repeat the behavior; and 

(iv) forfeiture of privileges viz. permission to watch television, permission to go for outdoor activity, sports and recreation and other preferred activity; 


(2) No child shall be subject to corporal punishment or any mental harassment including humiliating behavior affecting the dignity of the child.

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