margins to the centerstage

Meet Chinthamani who had graduated from the the Hope House last year and pursuing Nursing at a prestigious medical Institute of India called "CMC, Vellore".

Difficult family dynamics had brought her to the Hope House when she was in first grade but we knew from the beginning that she was a child with immense potential. She doesn't appear like she is working hard or studying but she always stood in the top of her class.

She won many prizes during school years including Ministry of Human Resource Development's "Means cum Merit Scholarship" when she was in 8th grade. After finishing 10th grade, in recognition of her effort which was shown in marks, Tamil Nadu Government offered her a scholarship to choose a school of her choice and she chose to study in Auxilium school in Vellore. When she finished 12th grade, she stood school first in English Subject (she studied her entire 12 years of schooling in Tamil medium) and won Rs. 3000/- from Auxilium school. After her admission to CMC, Vellore, was confirmed, she had a 45 days of waiting period so she downloaded the entire medical terminology book to study and enrolled for Anatomy classes on Coursera just to be prepared for life in CMC. 

Today, she received the recognition from none other than her own College (CMC, Vellore) and not once but thrice. She got three awards - First general proficiency in first year, First prize in Community Health Nursing and First Prize in English. Also, she received Rs. 850/- of cash award to purchase books of her choice. 

'Chintha' (as we fondly call her), is a symbol of someone who chose to move from the margins to take the center stage by force and sheer hard work. She is an epitomy of a myth buster who refuse to accept that people in the margins cannot have dreams. She became a role model to all her sisters at the Hope House today to say that it is worth fighting for, to build our own destiny.

Chintha, you make each one of us at the Hope House very proud with these achievements. I can only imagine what all you're going to get by the time you reach the final year and finish the course. Keep on dreaming and keep on fighting my girl...

Godspeed da Chintha...

Chinthamani_12th results.jpeg