HOPE Institute of Vocational Education

We offer several different courses to build or to enhance one's career.  Currently we are offering three courses and they are as follows:

Dress Making:  (6 Months Duration)

In this course, student will be able to learn to measure, cut and design a dress under the supervision of a trained instructor.  Students will also be exposed to computers (to complete a course curriculum of National Digital Literacy Mission or NDLM and pass the test), elementary accounting and basic spoken English (to complete basic level English course that is listed below).



English Training: (3 Months Duration for each level)

This course is divided into three levels (basic, intermediate and advanced).  Student can join any course of their choice and advance themselves to the next level.  We use innovative & non-formal techniques to master each level. 


  • At the basic level, students will be trained in phonics and assisted to be be able to read and complete the entire course of phonics.

  • At the intermediate level, students will be trained in expressing themselves in reading & writing with an emphasis on digital writing through (email, and texting through devices)

  • At the advanced level, students will be trained in reading, writing & speaking English with an emphasis on spoken English by engaging in conversations.        


Computer Training: (One month course)


As our contribution to the nation building, we want to take part in 'Digital India' program by training  1000 people each year totally for free.  Students will complete all the seven modules of National Digital Literacy Mission (NDLM) and take the test offered by the Government of India.  


Student will join this course by making a small refundable deposit which will be returned in full if he/ she passes the test within 30 days of completing the course and produces the evidence of passing.