Young lady's pursuit for dignity for all the girls

This is a story of a young lady from a small town in Tamilnadu who refused to accept the status quo when she was sexually harassed.  She not only stood up to the harasser but turned her distress into a program to support the girls who went through the harrowing experience like her through a program that she started called 'Project YUVA' at the Hope House.  Recently, Hope House became a sub-center partner of Childline1098 - a project of the Ministry of Women and Child Development of Government of India for the Vellore District.

As part of our sub-center activities of childline (that are identical to 'Project YUVA'), we have undertaken an ambitious initiative to educate all the girls on child protection (which includes menstrual hygiene).  We give a detailed presentation in schools and then give a  copy of menstripedia comic which is child friendly and fun to read to a group of 10 girls.  We would appreciate if you would take time to know our credentials before you become part of this initiative to support the young ladies below.