A new beginning

Updated: Oct 10

It was an unexpected encounter with a visiting German lady doctor in Vellore that led to a beautiful relationship with a wonderful organization called Deutsch-Indische Zusammenarbeit e.V. DIZ that she was able to network us with in Germany.

DIZ works as an intermediary for the Federal Republic of Germany to send volunteers to the rest of the world (including India) under their state funded program called 'weltwarts' and we have been hosting volunteers since 2015 through DIZ.

Over the years, weltwarts had developed a program in reverse for volunteers to go from the other parts of the world (including India) to Germany with funding extended by the German Government. When we were approached by DIZ, we were apprehensive as we didn't know whom to send. After an extensive deliberations, we decided to send our staff under this program so that they would be exposed international standards of child care and child protection to strengthen our existing standards at the Hope House. We just can't wait to see how this program blossoms and enables us to grow as an organization.

Today, our first volunteer (our staff) will leave to Germany and we just cannot wait to hear all that she has to help us learn. Want to read her regular updates? Bookmark this exclusive blog page and check back to read more updates.

Thank you DIZ for your trust in us.

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