Bicycling - a way of life in Germany

Updated: Oct 10

My friends and I going for bicycle riding

Although I knew to ride a bicycle before coming to Germany, I didn't realize how organized and well developed activity bicycling is, in Germany. There are so many rules that I had to learn and I also went for training (offered by an organization for immigrants) to get myself familiarized to the rules and also to practice riding the bicycle.

One thing that took me by surprise is the dedicated roads for bicycle riders in Germany which is super safe.

There are bicycles for different kinds of purposes. See the pictures below to understand what I am talking about:

Camping bicycle

I lost my mobile phone and lost all my photos. Hence, I couldn't post my updates sooner. Now I got a new phone and hope to update all my friends and family soon from now on. I would love to hear from you (in the comments section below) and I promise to reply to you at the earliest.

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