Day light saving in Germany

Updated: Oct 10

I absolutely had no idea what Day light saving means until 30th October, 2021 when Germany followed day light saving. Basically due to the changing of seasons, length of day and night changes so significantly that to maintain the productivity of their citizens they decided to follow day light saving system.

Although it was started in a small scale in Canada, Germany was the first country to have implemented it throughout the country in 1916. In the spring season (March), Germany springs one hour forward (turning the clock one hour ahead) and in the fall season (October) falls one hour behind (turning the clock one hour back).

I was a bit confused in the beginning when I heard it but looking at the day light and clock turning back, I could see it with my eyes as to how it would improve the productivity of their citizens.

My friends and I decided to visit some towns near Frankfurt during the weekend. This weekend, we were able to go to Bad homburg which is 30 mins by S-bahn (city rapid rail). It is a beautiful place with a castle, old town, a park and church. We started from the railway station ( bahnhof) and then walked through the city

My friends and I

The City

The Castle

The Church

Temperatures in Germany are dropping and it has already touched 1 degree centigrade. I had never experienced such cold temperatures. Thanks to our hosting organization and the place of assignment, we are well taken care of with advice and lots of warm clothing.

As always, looking forward to hearing from you in the comments section below so please do write.

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