Excursion for the elderly

Updated: Oct 10

The church usually conducts church service (Gottesdienst) in a Elders home ( Altersheim). I was able to attend with the priest in that place. Since I was not allowed to take pictures during the service, I just took the picture of an empty place where it was conducted.

There was an excursion planned for the Elderly of the church. This was conducted thrice in a year. They used to travel to a place nearer to Frankfurt so that we can return as soon as possible. So, this time we were at Schotten Vogel park. At first, we climbed the little hill and then we had our afternoon food there. Then, we travelled towards the Vogel park. There were also many places but they were closed due to COVID.

The best thing about the vogel park is that you will not find all the birds or animals but they take animals or birds which are wounded. Then the employees in the Vogel park are physically or psychologically disabled people. This adds the credit to the park. The priest bought me some bird food to feed the animals and birds.. I also clicked some pictures which you could see. I was really happy to see one bird which was from India. It was none other than peacock. Immediately, when I saw the peacock, I called him and showed him that's from India. 😃.. Crazy me!

After that, we went to a cafe. They bought me a special cake called frankfurt kranz which has butter cream and special in Frankfurt. This outside cafes open more during summer and the view from the cafe was absolutely breath taking.

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