• Ruby Nakka

First employee of the Hope House retires...

Rubima - fondly called by the girls as 'Ayah' (grandma), joined the work force of the Hope House on December 1st, 2005. She is woman of few words and took care of her work with utmost diligence.

Management of the Hope House has decided to set a retirement age for our employees and to help Rubima take a break from the Hope House routines and to relax she was retired.

Many of our old students took time off to join the current students to attend the retirement party to make it a memorable day for her. Some have brought gifts for her and shared the memorable event with Rubima. Many shared about the bed time stories she used to tell them. We ended the party by hosting a grand lunch for Rubima all the valuable service she had rendered to the Hope House.

She has two daughters (Jennifer and Sandra) who also work at the Hope House. We want to take this opportunity to Thank Rubima from the bottom of our hearts for all that she had done for the Hope House and wish her the best years ahead with peace, joy and happiness from the bottom of our hearts.

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