Fun in Germany just started...

I finished my three full days quarantine and by God’s grace my Corona test came out negative and I am relieved. This means I can go out now. First thing my host did was to let me use her old bicycle. Though it needed minor repairs, it’s in good condition.

My host and I with the bicycle that she is lending me to use

I am on my own with my host's bicycle

Person in-charge of me in Germany is Ms. Dorothe Sommer and she lives a couple of minutes away from where I live at. She came and took me for walk to see the river Main (which is a tributary of river Rhine) that flows through the city of Frankfurt. The place that I live at and the place that I am expected to work are on the two sides of this river and that means every day I will be crossing this beautiful river with abundance of water flowing.

River main near to my apartment

Then a gentleman from our work place took me for registration of foreign citizens then our office got me a unlimited pass to travel on local trains in the city of Frankfurt. This is a huge relief because I can hop in and hop off at any place of my choice in the city.

Here is my train/ tram pass

Saturday was so much fun because I met a fellow South-North volunteer from India (from the state of Maharashtra) – Apeksha, and then Dorothe drove both of us 120 KM south to a town called Bruchsal where we met our friend – Aline, who volunteered at the Hope House in 2019 – 2020 for six months. Bruchsal is a historical city with ‘Bruchsal Castle’ being there. We all visited the castle and took lots of pictures.

In front of Bruchsal palace with Apeksha

With my friend - Aline