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Updated: Oct 10

I finished my three full days quarantine and by God’s grace my Corona test came out negative and I am relieved. This means I can go out now. First thing my host did was to let me use her old bicycle. Though it needed minor repairs, it’s in good condition.

My host and I with the bicycle that she is lending me to use

I am on my own with my host's bicycle

Person in-charge of me in Germany is Ms. Dorothe Sommer and she lives a couple of minutes away from where I live at. She came and took me for walk to see the river Main (which is a tributary of river Rhine) that flows through the city of Frankfurt. The place that I live at and the place that I am expected to work are on the two sides of this river and that means every day I will be crossing this beautiful river with abundance of water flowing.

River main near to my apartment

Then a gentleman from our work place took me for registration of foreign citizens then our office got me a unlimited pass to travel on local trains in the city of Frankfurt. This is a huge relief because I can hop in and hop off at any place of my choice in the city.

Here is my train/ tram pass

Saturday was so much fun because I met a fellow South-North volunteer from India (from the state of Maharashtra) – Apeksha, and then Dorothe drove both of us 120 KM south to a town called Bruchsal where we met our friend – Aline, who volunteered at the Hope House in 2019 – 2020 for six months. Bruchsal is a historical city with ‘Bruchsal Castle’ being there. We all visited the castle and took lots of pictures.

In front of Bruchsal palace with Apeksha

With my friend - Aline

Bruchsal market place

We saw a couple that is doing a marriage photoshoot at the castle and they looked quite romantic. When asked, they were so gracious to take a photo with me and I was so thrilled.

On Sunday, attended the church service which is close to the church office where I volunteer. From there I also happened to see the DIZ office which sponsored my visit to Germany. Now I know that my work place, church and the DIZ office are located in a walkable distance.

Inside of the church that I attend

DIZ building is in the foreground and

the tall structure in the background is the church

Now coming to answer the question of what is the nick name of Germany, here it is: Germany is actually Das Land der Dichter und Denker – 'the country of poets and thinkers'.

Next week, I am going to open a bank account and, in the meantime, I would love to hear from you about my update. Please do write to me in the comments section below and I will answer them.

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