• Ruby Nakka

I confess that I am guilty...

I often catch myself underestimating the generosity of people. Today is one of those days.

A medical consultant doctor from Christian Medical College (CMC), Vellore, called and asked if he could bring snacks for the Hope House kids. I was expecting a bag of snacks purchased from a store.

When he called and himself delivered a huge bag of snacks today afternoon at my home, I acknowledged my gratitude but he quickly attributed to his wife's culinary skills and claimed that he is just a delivery man.

In that bag, there were several boxes. Cinnamon rolls, coconut cakes and cookies, all home made for the Hope House girls and also for my family.

Apart from the labor of love of his wife, his act of humility (yes, he had his work place name tag on and he was returning to work) to home deliver, humbled me. What else can I say to him than a big "Thank you Doc".

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