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Updated: Oct 10

My day of travel to Germany started off stressfully. Although I kept an adequate amount of time to complete my RTPCR test (Corona test), a few bureaucratic procedures delayed my test results along with the arrival of ICMR number. Without these I cannot board the plane.

I was supposed to have left Vellore by 12:00 PM to reach Chennai on time to catch a flight but unfortunately I couldn't leave until 1:00 PM. When I left Vellore, my mind was filled with thoughts about time inadequacy to complete the procedures in Chennai airport.

Fortunately I was able to reach on time to catch a flight to Delhi. At Delhi international airport, I had 7 hours of transit break and that gave me an opportunity to catch up on all the things that I had to do (calling family & friends)

It was the first international flight experience for me so I didn't know what to expect. Most of my time on the flight was spent sleeping and eating.

When I arrived at Frankfurt, two gentlemen from my work assignment came to pick me up and took me to the host's house. I will be staying with a very kind elderly woman - Ms. Cornelia, in the heart of the city of Frankfurt. I have my own place in her flat with a small kitchenette to cook. I am in quarantine till today (5 days) and I can see from my window that it is a busy place. I am being told that there is an Indian grocery store and an Indian restaurant nearby and that excites me. I am being advised to speak the German language to my host which I feel excited about because I have been attending A1 level German classes for the past couple of months offered by DIZ and I also want to learn to speak fluently as it would make my stay in Germany more comfortable.

My host

My place

Once I finish my quarantine, I will be volunteering to assist at a local church in Frankfurt and I am looking forward to meeting everyone at my place of work. I am in touch with the German volunteers who had visited the Hope House before and I am meeting one of the volunteers on Saturday

Busy street view from my window

I have wi-fi connection on my India SIM (from my host) which is a huge relief as I need not change my SIM to stay in touch with my family and friends back in India. I intend to buy a local SIM today anyway. Since the time difference between India and Germany is only 3.5 hours, I am able to lead a life in both worlds - able to attend our virtual staff meetings and guide our staff at the Hope House when they need any assistance from my end and to be able to volunteer in Germany. Couldn't have asked for anything more.

Sun light at 7:45 PM

I am learning to cook... LOL

My first impression of Germany is this: It is very quiet compared to India. Peak temperature in a day reaches only 19 degrees Celsius and days are long as there is sunlight even at 7:45 PM. More photos with an update in my next post but till then, would love to hear from you so please leave me a comment or two in the comments section below. Till then, God bless.

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