• Ruby Nakka

Sacrificial giving

This never happened before. A gentleman called and said that he had visited the Hope House before (before the COVID lockdown began) and he wants to visit again along with his family. I never met him before but I informed the residential staff about this impending visit.

Yesterday evening, after this gentleman's family's visit, the staff called to inform me that they gave a kiddy bank full of coins towards the work of the Hope House.

Today morning our staff counted the money and reported that there is a total of Rs. 979 in it. This incident took me by a pleasant surprise. This is a deliberate act of planning to support the work of the Hope House which may have taken place over an extended period of time. There may have been small sacrifices made to make this a possibility.

I immediately called on our accounts officer who was sitting next to me at that time to show him this image and the story behind it to reiterate why we ought to continue to keep the trust of our supporters in every step of our work because there are people who are sacrificing daily.

No words can express my gratitude adequately to this family but my heart is filled with gratitude towards them and to all our supporters as well who make sacrifices to support us. God bless.

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