There she went to Germany today...

Updated: Oct 10

Its been more than a year since we chose her to be the South - North volunteer to go to Germany on behalf of the Hope House but the pandemic made the plans go completely haywire.

But, that day has arrived. Today, our own staff and Project Coordinator - Nisha, had left to Germany to be a volunteer for a year under a program called 'weltwarts' that is sponsored by the Federal Republic of Germany.

Nisha at a restaurant in New Delhi airport

She is leaving from Chennai to New Delhi to fly out from there to Germany

We are so happy for her because she worked hard to get everything organized and attended German classes for a couple of months to learn to speak the language. We know when she comes back and join the work force at the Hope House, she will bring global perspectives to her work environment and we just cannot wait to see all that she would bring.

With the Hope House girls just before Nisha left the premises today

Please write a comment or two below to wish Nisha to have a safe travel and a comfortable stay in Germany for the next one year. Bookmark this page to visit again to read up on the future updates.

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