Project YUVA video competition

Project YUVA video competition is conducted by the Hope House to convey the message against 'Child Sexual Abuse'.  Anyone who is interested can participate and the rules of the competition are as follows:


Theme: "Our Children:  Today's Pride and Tomorrows Protection"


  • There are two categories to participate namely 'Commercial' (video to be less than 30 seconds) and     'Documentary' (video to be less than 10 minutes)

  • Participant(s) can choose to participate either one or two categories as stated above.

  • Participant(s) can choose to participate in any ONE age group (above 18 years or below 18 years).  One video per one age group only.  If a group of people of different ages makes a video, that video can only be entered into the competition in any ONE category depending on the group's choice of age group.    

  • Videos that are made either in English or in Tamil or both only will be accepted for this competition.

  • Once Video is ready, upload it to your personal facebook timeline with a tag to official Project YUVA fb page

  • Once the video is live on your fb timeline, fill this form to tell us about your upload for us to take a look at. Only when this form is received and email confirmation is sent, entry is considered complete.  Lack of either of the actions (video and/ or form) would render the entry to be 'incomplete'.

  • By sending the above stated form, participant takes full responsibility for the content of the video and   releases the Hope House from any liability of any nature.  Hope House reserves the right to remove any tag on their officiaal fb page if the video content appears to be objectionable and entry of the participant will be removed from the competition. 

  • Hope House will use the following criterion to judge the videos:  Professionalism of audio-visual effects, effectiveness of the content, relevance of message and last but not the least impressions (likes and comments) on their respective fb timeline.

  • Totally there will be four first prizes of Rs. 3000/- each and four second prizes of Rs. 2000/- each (One first prize and one second prize in each category for each age group) with the total prize money of Rs. 20,000/-.  Each of the eight winners will receive either "I am YUVA"/ "I am YUVA at heart" certificate.

  • Winner(s) that lives outside of India ought to designate a recipient with in India to receive the prize money.  We do not send foreign currecncy.   

  • Last date to receive the entries is 11:59 PM of May 31st, 2016 (time printed on the form that the participant sends would be considered as official time the entry was submitted)

  • You can contact the Hope House at