Choice between right versus righteous

It was 11:30 PM last night (13th March, 2019) and the Hope House’s Railway Children night shift staff – Ajit, noted a youngster loitering the Katpadi railway platform.  Respectfully approached him to find that he is 15 years old young boy and lives just 20 KM from the railway station and trying to go to Bangalore for work.

When Ajit sat with him and started talking, he came to know the heartbreaking story of this young boy.  In less than 15 hours he is to appear for his 10th grade board exams which he badly wants to write but the school headmaster refused permission for him to appear for this exam.  Reason is this:  His father met with an accident and he needed to attend to his needs at home and missed school.  His mother pleaded with the school authorities but they refused.  For lack of attendance, head master refused to allow him to write the exam.

Ajit promised to help in the morning if he agrees to stay back and the youngster perked up and decided to give it a try.  Ajit immediately informed our project coordinator (Mr. Anbarasu) today morning (14th March, 2019).  His exam is scheduled for 2:00 PM and if at all they can help, they have to get everything done before that so that the boy can sit for the exam which is starting today.

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They called the Chairperson of Child Welfare Committee (CWC) – Mr. Sivakalaivannan and sought his help. Immediately he asked for the details and called up the District Child Protection Officer (DCPO) Mrs. Nishanthini who in turn called up the Chief Educational Officer (CEO) of Vellore District who apparently got in touch with the school head master and made the arrangements for the boy to write the exam.

For the entire time, the boy was with our staff and two lady staff (Nisha and Praveena) accompanied him to the school but he didn’t have school uniform to enter the school.  They arranged for the uniform from another student to help him to enter the exam hall.  After the exam, he came to our office with his mother to express his heartfelt gratitude to the staff of the Hope House. We knew then the effort that was put in by so many people was well worth it. 

At the Hope House, we believe in bending the rules to be right than to follow the book to be righteous.  We can’t wait for this young man’s results to come to see what he has in store for his future.  Godspeed young man.

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