Solar power plant at the Hope House
solar power plant1.jpg

Although we are registered as a non-profit, for electricity billing purposes, we are a commercial entity and that has been a huge drag on the precious resources we raise to support and work with the children. Hence, about six months ago, we decided to address it - to install a solar power plant.


With the help of GuideStar India, we signed up with GlobalGiving to raise the funds to install the power plant. Today, that work is been completed and in the presence of the honorable chairperson of Child Welfare Committee of Vellore District - Mr. Sivakalaivannan and the members of the same body, it is been inaugurated.

Our plant is of 6.0 Kw in its capacity and on average it is generating 30 units of power/ day now which is expected to meet our daily power needs. We are expected to save Rs. 10,000/- in every billing period.

I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge our supporters in general and those that have supported this project in specific. We do not have any corporate donors (it is not because we don't want to but not able to rope in any because we work from a mid size town) but individuals like YOU been enabling this operations to tick for the past 13 years. How can I not take a bow to each of you for what you do to these vulnerable children through the HOPE House? Thank you and God bless.

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