The educational assistance program (teap)

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Objective: To support the marginalized students to pursue higher education beyond 12th grade and to become responsible citizens to the society. 



The Educational Assistance Program (TEAP) is a program of the Hope House to extend financial assistance to the marginalized students to pursue higher education in three fields namely Healthcare, Polytechnique and Industrial Training.  Under this program, a beneficiary is expected to return the monetary assistance (without any interest and with liberal time limit) that he/ she receives to support other students.


Logic of expecting the beneficiaries to repay the mometary assistance is to nurture sense of empathy and responsibility towards the community that supported him/ her when he/ she in need of help.


Students are supported from a corpus fund whose part of the annual interest only is distributed to the beneficiaries while the remaining part is added to the corpus along with the repayments being added to the corpus.  What this means is that, whatever the help that our supporters extend, is a support in perpetuity.


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