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Tackling under-age driving - Introduction

India is a home to world's largest adolescent (10 to 19 years old) population (approximately 250 million).  Adolescence is a stage which acts as a bridge between the childhood and the adulthood but this so called bridge could be so weak because of their developing systems that control their emotions, if handled poorly, could end up having life long consequences for the adolescents and for their caretakers.  One such an issue is road traffic accidents cause by the adolescents below the age of 18.  In India, one who has not attained the age of 18 is considered as a child and the "Motor Vehicle Act of India" prohibits children from getting a licence to drive motor vehicles. 


Despite having such a law, Indian children have taken close to 11,000 precious lives in 2016 alone by driving motor vehicles.  This is the first time that the Government of India had recorded accidents caused by children in their annual "Accident Report" for the year 2016. 

Indian constitution bestows on every citizen a fundamental right to life.  To protect each of its citizens lives in fulfillment of constitutional provision, Government not only enacts laws and enforces such laws.  We know now that lives are being snatched away despite having such laws because of the failure of enforcement. 


This is an effort to begin a dialogue to address this menace by offering solutions that we think will work.  We want to be a part of the solution to make India vibrant so