Volunteering in germany

'The Hope House' (of India) and DIZ of (Frankfurt, Germany) are partnering organizations with a memorandum of understanding to implement a volunteer program called 'weltwarts' (means 'towards the world') of the Government of Germany.  Currently Hope House is hosting two weltwarts volunteers (called North-South Component) since September of 2015 for nine months.  


Now, the weltwarts program is to be expanded to include volunteers going from India to Germany (called South - North Component).  DIZ has been chosen among the few organizations in Germany  to implement this component and as a partner organization we are working beside them to identify, train and send volunteers from India.  


If you're interested, please read the weltwarts document to become infromed of the requirements to be met.  Once you're sure that you want to be a volunteer to Germany, write to us at the email address given below and we'll send you an application to process.  Sicne it is a program of the Government, there will be a vigorous scrutiny of applicants before confirming.  Since DIZ is granted a handful of posts, you must be prepared for rejection.