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A unique adoption agncey

After being touched by the adoption of their two daughters, Ruby and his wife found purpose for their lives.  They've left their jobs in the healthcare industry in the US to relocate to India to promote the message of adoption.

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A two months old Bhanu (name changed) was referred to the Hope House's adopiton agency by the Government of Tamilnadu because she has a debilitating medical condition that causes salts imbalance. After being taken to the tertiary level hospital for number of times, diagnosis was made and informed that this child will need a life saving medicine every day for the rest of her life but she will live a full life like a normal child.  Because of the limited resources, unlike a healthy adoptable child, Bhanu's care at the Hope House becomes challenging.

Ruby and the Hope House needs more support to care for more Bhanu's to get medical treatment that they may be placed in adoption within India.  Click here now to support to receive respective country specific tax receipt: India & US and Germany

After being touched by the adoption of their two daughters while living in the US, Ruby and his wife were convinced that there are many more children like their own, who needs their help. They relocated to India in 2006 primarily to promote the message of adoption. But, since they were away from India for 14 years, everything was a learning process for them. During this time of learning and waiting for an adopiton agency license, they were able to construct an adopiton agency facility (in the picture below) and fine tune the model of adoption - to cater exclusively to children with special needs.

Origin of the Hope House

Ruby himself was born in a poor family because of which he ended growing up in a children's home in the state of Telangana and while growing up there, he made a promise unto himself that he will adopt children and care for the marginalized children (like the way he was cared for) some day. But after studying to be a physiotherapist at Christian Medical College (CMC), Vellore, he got an opportunity to work in the US.


While working there, he got married to his CMC classmate and they both had adopted two girls including the second one being born with special needs. Then Ruby was reminded of his promise unto himself and hence they relocated after 14 years and started the Hope House along with their two CMC friends as co-founders.

Started their work with a children's home with two littel girls in a rented building. While working with the chidlren's home and waiting for the adoption agency license, he understood that most of the chidlren with special needs are being adopted by families abroad. He explored to understand the reasons to realize that Indian families are not averse to adopting such chidlren but are afraid of the medical costs. Hence the new model is born - to extend necessary medical care to adoptable chidlren before they are placed in adoption to find families within India.


Ruby's hope is to work with this model for a couple of years to collate impact data to submit to the Government to facilitate policy level intervention to replicate this model to assist more children with special needs to find homes within India which in itself is one of the three fundamental principles of adoption.

Click here now to support to receive respective country specific tax receipt: India & US and Germany

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