Help us become self-reliant

(Fundraising Theme: "Self reliance to sustainability")

October 2nd, 2021 to November 21, 2021


Since the pandemic has made life hard for everyone including those in the margins and to those that cater to their needs, we feel guilty to constantly ask the donors to support our work.  As you may know that we depend totally on the generosity of people like your for our operations and it is increasing becoming difficult to maintain the operations leave alone sustaining and scaling it.   

Hence, we thought to use this year's GiveIndia campaign to raise funds on a theme "Self Reliance for Sustainability". Our objective and hope is that with this funding, we should be able to reduce our expenses (by growing our own vegetables, greens, fruits and have milk and eggs apart from generating additional solar electricity) significantly to maintain, sustain and if we can, scale the operations apart from teaching valuable life-skills to the girls at the Hope House.


We are partnering with the local VIT university's Agricultural Innovations and Advanced Learning (VAIAL) who will guide us to attain this objective.  Here is the itemized budget for our campaign:


  1. Ground tilling: Rs. 10,000

  2. Digging a borewell: Rs. 150000 

  3. Sprinkler System: Rs. 25000

  4. Gardener Salary: Rs. 120000 (for one year)

  5. Garden tools: Rs. 10,000

  6. Miscellaneous: Rs. 20,000

Solar Power Plant:

  1. Grid connected connected 10 Kw solar power plant: Rs. 500000

  2. Commercial grade elective electric induction stoves (2): Rs. 30000

  3. Electricity Charges: Rs. 10000

  4. Miscellaneous: Rs. 15000

Live stock:  

  1. 2 Cows: Rs. 100000

  2. Poultry shed to house 25 chickens: Rs. 60000

  3. Feed for the 2 cows and 25 chickens: Rs. 15,000

  4. Miscellaneous: Rs. 15000

Grand Total: Rs. 10,80,000/- 

If you're convinced and able to support, kindly make a donation now at this link:.