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(Hope House is a highest ranked (5 star, gold badge) NGO of Give Discover  |  Causes charity of Benevity  |  Vetted Charity of GlobalGiving)

Donate to any campaign below and receive

80G and 10BE receipts from the Hope House

We are listing several of our needs for your support.  You can choose whichever the project appeals to you the most to show your love.   

'Right to life' is a fundamental right of every child (1).png

Support Adoption Agency:  Hope House's adoption agency is recognized by the Government of Tamilnadu.  This is one of a kind in the country catering exclusively to the needs of children with special needs.  Our capacity is 15 children but curently we have one boy baby and three girl babies.  Major expenses are salaries, baby forumula and transportation to take the sickly children ot the hospital. For these, we are raising funds.  Click here to support our adoption agency.  

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Celebrate special occasions:  We have a program where donor chooses to pay for the food (in any combination of special food versus regular meals, vegetarian - non-vegtarian and one meal versus entire day).  Currently, there are 20 children and 5 staff.  If you like to sponsor a meal, kindly fill this form and one of our staff will get in touch with you to take the process forward.  You can schedule a meal and then you can pay a couple of days before the intended day.     

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