(Hope House goes through a vigorous external due diligence process annually 

by GiveIndia  of its governance and accountability standards.)

Till date, Hope House has been extending COVID relief to the most marginalized citizens in and around Vellore which began in April, 2020.

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Since April, 2020, we have been extending COVID relief to the vulnerable communities till date but we changed the strategy from relief to everyone in the beginning to children only as the lock downs were extended.  Children were the most affected because the school were closed and they couldn't get that assured free meal that they used to get.  We cook for breakfast, lunch and the morning snack in our Railway Children open shelter and distribute in four different locations to approximately 150 children.  Each child's expenditure per day is Rs. 50 and you can support one child at this link

Since schools haven't been opened, marginalized children are deprived of learning so we started conducting classes for a half a day apart from the nutritional support that we have been extending for the past 14 months.  Our regular staff are trained and equipped to conduct classes in their own community with the available resources for all the age group of children with their own school books.  With their tummies being filled up and teaching taking place in their own community with their own school books, children couldn't ask for more and they have been showing tremendous interest.  Support these children at this link

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