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10BE certificate is needed for deduction u/s 80G

Are you a taxpayer in India?  You need to claim a tax deduction to save on taxes?  Well... donating to a charitable organization to claim such a deduction is a legitimate option under section 80G of income tax rules of India.

There is a small change though.  All these years, Government had accepted the receipts given by the exempt organization to allow the tax paers to claim their deductions.  Thats not allowed anymore.

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Tax payer has to submit a certificate called 10BE (Click here to see the sample 10BE) that is issued by the income tax department that is to be applied by the exempted organization like the Hope House.  We know as a donor, you have many options to give to any worthy organisation in India but if you do like to support us with your donation to claim in the financial year 2022 to 2023 taxes, you need to make the donation dated prior to March 31st, 2023.


Our donations are need specific and online that means we get you the receipts through emails.  Please consider making a donation to the Hope House today and we'll forever be grateful for your generosity.  If you like to know more about us, kindly visit other links on this site to get to know us before making a donation and if you like to talk to our Director, please feel free to call at 9629471920.            

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