We dream & we dare...

Recently when I wrote about Project YUVA (an alliance of CMC Vellore, Childline India Foundation (CIF), and the Hope House) signing an MoU with VIT University to build a mobile app to disseminate information on adolescent health on linkedin, we received this generous comment from a significant individual and that got me thinking.

Dr. Shameen Prashantham is a teacher and a researcher on business strategy at Shanghai, China. When he was writing an article (which was published later in Harvard Business Review) on CMC, Vellore last year, a mutual friend gave my number to ascertain my views. During that call, I shared with him about Project YUVA. Little did I know then that Dr. Prashantham was thinking that our model is founded on sound principle of sustainable development.

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We are a 15 years old small organization located in a small town called Vellore, Tamilnadu. From day one, we believed in dreaming big to serve and to take risks for the sake of the marginalized.


If I may share an example, when the pandemic hit us, we didn't have the resources to serve the needy but had the desire. So, we started to cook and feed 150 hungry mouths every day. Guess what? Its been 15 months and we are still doing and the resources are coming.

We strongly beleive that it is this attitude of dreaming and daring that took us closer to network with entities such as CMC (employs closer to 10000 people and treats 8000 out

patients/ day), CIF (an organization with pan India presence) and VIT University (one among the 20 "Institutes of Eminence" (IoE) of Government of India).  Thank you Dr. Prashantham for your kind words. They reminded us of our strengths.


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