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Childline 1098

Childline 1098 is an emergency phone serivce (24 hours day) for children in need of care and protection.  It is funded by the Ministry of Women & Child development of Union Government of India through Childline India Foundation under the Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS).  Currently, they are operating in 598 cities and districts covering 83% of landscape of India.  Childline India operates the service through selected NGO's on the ground.  So, when a child (or someone on behalf of the child) calls 1098, call goes to the NGO and not to the police station.  This is done to protect the interests of the child.     

In case of child sexual abuse, you should call 1098 and report immediately.  Childline claims that their representative (if they have the service in your city), will attend to you in 60 minutes.


If you do not know whether you have such a service in your city, dial 1098 (from any phone including landline and mobile phones) and a representative will attend.  You can ask them.  Even if your city doesn't have a dreict NGO supported service, Childline India Foundation has remote access where they'll forward the call to the nearest JJ (Juvenile & Justice Act) system representative to attend to you.     

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