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"I am yuva" / "I am yuva @ heart" campaign

"I am YUVA" (or "I am YUVA @ Heart") are campaigns designed to include people on a large scale to address the menace of child sexual abuse in India.  The rampancy of this crime can be attributed to several reasons such as ignorance (out of innocense) of our children about this crime (which perprators exploit) and the reluctance to speak about this topic to our children (because we consider this topic to be deeply personal).


We are determined to address these two above stated issues through this campaign but we need your cooperation.  It is a collective effort of all of us that can take this fight to the doorsteps of the perpetrators because these are our children and they are our future.  If not for anything, it is in our own best interest to be specific and in the interest of our nation, we ought to take greater interest to take part.  If you're in agreement, read on....      

"I am YUVA" because I reached out to mor than 500 girls in my school.

Write to us to tell us that you want to read a comic book called 'Menstrupedia' (in English or in Tamil), an 80-page colorful book which beautifully illustrates everything a girl needs to know about periods.  We believe that it is the first step in empowering a girl about protecting herself from the sexual predators.  


Once you read this book, we want you to pass it on to ensure that at least 10 more people read this book.  Our goal is to distribute this book to 100000 people for making an impact in one million lives.  Once you read it and help ten more girls to read, send the form that is inside the book to call yourself "I am YUVA" ("I am a youngster understood and verbalized adolescence") or if you're older, you can call yourself "I am YUVA @ heart".  We have a gift for you. 


We provide this book to you at no cost if you live anywhere in Vellore area but if you're outside of Vellore city, we request that you pay for the shipping.


If you and your ten friends are convinced that it is worth sharing with someone less fortunate, each of you can donate Rs. 120/- for this book (Rs. 1200 altogether) and we'll purchase and distribute 10 more books to impact 100 more girls.  If you're not interested in raising funds, it is our promise that you can keep the book and no questions asked.  Let us keep this cycle of impacting lives go on.

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