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Blessings of all sizes

It was December of 2022 when they came as a family (along with their teenage son) to visit the Hope House. They asked a lot of questions to know where they can be of help to us.

One issue that seem to have caught their attention was our transportation woes. Since we take care of adoption eligible babies with special needs, we literally go to the hospital almost every day, which is 15+ KM away (one way) and we use a commercial three-wheeler called “autorickshaw”. Monthly financial burden of using autorickshaw is heavy.

After they went back to the UK, they communicated to let us know that they would like to see their teenage son raise funds to help us purchase a vehicle. Looking at their enthusiasm, we also began to believe in having a vehicle, so, we thought to raise whatever the funds that we could, to supplement their son’s efforts. We raised a small amount. But, as time passed, I thought it was forgotten.

Fast forward to March 2024. They came to India to buy a multipurpose vehicle. They were thrilled we had raised a small amount to support the effort. We are delighted that we have a safer vehicle to transport our babies now.

We thank this family for supporting our need and more importantly to the God that we serve who helps us with what we need and not what we want, in His own perfect timing.

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