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Ruby & his wife left their healthcare jobs in the US to start a unique adoption agency in India. 

The Hope House is recognized by the Government of Tamilnadu as the Specialized Adoption Agency (SAA) under the provisions of Juvenile & Justice Act.  This is the first of a kind of an adoption agency in the country that caters exclusively to the adoptable children with special needs  


Hope House's desire to start an adoption agency stemmed from the inspiration that their Director (Mr. Ruby Nakka) received from his two daughters whom he and his wife have adopted while living in the US.  With that inspiration came the calling and they both left their jobs in the healthcare industry in the US to relocate to India to promote the message of adoption.  Mr. Nakka went on to become certified in child rights and child protection and served as the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) member of Vellore District.  Apart from being a full time employee of the Hope House, he also finds time to be a resource person to JJ stakeholders in the district.  

Download latest English regulations governing adoptions in India here.    


Adoption services that the Hope House offers:

  1. Receive children that are referred by the Government of Tamilnadu

  2. Provide comprehensive care to the adoptable children

  3. Extend pre-adoption counselling services to the prospective adoptive parents (PAPs)

  4. Conduct adoption workshops

  5. Counselling and preparation of older children to be placed in adoption

  6. Do home study of PAP's 

  7. Update the designated portal on CARA web site

  8. Post-adoption follow up of families

  9. Create awareness about adoption 


This adoption agency is a self financing agency.  For the expenses, we do crowdfunding using GiveIndia payment gateway.  We would appreciate if you support us with a small donation at this link.  We need Lactogen1 formula to feed the babies and diapers of new born child size.  Any help you can render would be greatly appreciated.   


If you like to talk to our Director or our trained adoption professionals, call 9629471920

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