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In Sanskrit, "SANJEEVANI" refers to immortality.  At the Hope House, Sanjeevani is a program to facilitate the donors to honor and immortalize their loved ones.  This is how it works:


Any donor can make a one-time donation of Rs. 10,000 and designate for the Hope House to remember the loved one's of his/ her choice on a designated day in the year.  On that designated day, Hope House will feed 23 marginalized children (that need care and protection) that are housed in the Hope House along with three staff who stay with the children to care for them, every year.  We intend to keep the entire proceeds in the corpus fund and use 75% of the funds for nutritional support while reinvesting the remaining 25% into the corpus to continue to acknowledge our donors every year.   


Donors are advised to visit the Sanjeevani Calendar to be sure that the intended date is available before making a donation at this link.  Donors are free to make multiple donations to honour more than one loved one.  We request the donor to fill out this form (one submission for one loved one separately) below to help us to know whom to remember on that designated day and whom to acknowledge.   

Budget:  Rs. 10,000 X 365 donors = Rs 36,50,000

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