Doing internship at THH

Are you looking for an opportunity to do internship in the area of child protection to get ready for an employment?  Look no further.  Hope House offers an exciting and diverse opportunity to do internship where you'll gain enormous amount of theoretical knowledge and hands on experience.  Click on the downward arrow of the 'internship questions' below to read more information under each question and if you're convinced, drop an email to today and we'll get in touch with you.

Internship Queries

What is Hope House?

Hope House is a registered charitable organization working for the children in need of care and protection in three districts (Vellore, Ranipet and Thirupathur) in the state of Tamilnadu. We have projects under two broad categories namelyl 'intstitutional care' and 'non-institutional care'. You're advised to visit the 'Projects' link (or any other link for any other information pertaining to our organization) on this site to get to know more about our work.

What is Hope House Internship?

We offer in-person six weeks of full time internship (8 hours/ day for six days in a week) in the area of 'Child Protection' which includes theory and hands on practicum (in six different modules) to prepare any graduate (with passion for social work) for an employment opportunity in the area of child protection in any compatable organization (priviate/ public).

Who can join for this internship?

Any graduate (with passion for social work in general and child protection in specific) can join for this internship. Foreign graduates may also apply but it is contingent upon the issuance of appropriate visa by the Government of India. We'll assist you with our end of the paper work in obtaining your visa. We do not accept foreign graduates with visitors visa to do this internship.

What are the different modules offered under this internship?

Currently our internship is structured for six weeks to work on six different modules namely: Modules: 1. Fundraising module: Concepts related to fundraising. 2. Research module: Concepts related to research. 3. Projects module: Exposure to each of the projects of the Hope House. 4. Legislative module: Learning about JJ Act, POCSO Act, RTI Act 5. Writing module: Writing posts for the social media and case studies etc. 6. Networking module: Networking with statutory bodies at the district level.

Do you provide accomodation and food for the outstation interns?

No, we do not. Interns are required to take care of their own arrangements for food and accomodation and its related expenses.

What kind of expenses do I need to foresee to prepare myself?

Mainly, there will be three different kinds of expenses namely 1. Food 2. Accomodation 3. Domestic travel

Do I have to pay for the internship?

Currently it is structured in such a way that it is offered at no cost.

What all do I need to have during this internship?

High level of motivation and discipline. Remember, you're spending money (food and accomodation for example) for this internship, we expect that you would have those qualities to apply anyway. Apart from this, you would need flulency in spoken and written English and be able to use the computer (personal computer is a must).

Do I get a certificate at the end of the internship?

Yes, you'll receive a certificate stating the number of hours invested and the names of the modules completed.

Can I get the contact information of previous interns to speak to?

Yes, send us an email at ( and we'll provide that to you.

For more information...

You're always welcome to write to us (at but before that, check out the comments section below to see if your questions are already been answered by others.

What is the objective of this internship?

To prepare a graduate for a career in the field of 'Child Protection' in public/ private sector. Child Protection is a an exciting area with wide variety of employment opportunities. It could range from working in an NGO or NGO with childline, working at statutory bodies such as CWC, JJB, SCPCR, NCPCR, or public sector jobs such as CARA, SARA, SJPU, contract works such as DCPU, working for the international organizations such as UNICEF. Many other areas of work (such as education and helathcare etc) also could be potential destinations for such desiring interns.

Do I get stipend during this internship?

No, currently there is no provision for stipend for the interns.