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germans Volunteering in india

Are you a young German and desiring to travel the world?  Consider weltwarts program of Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) of Germany.   


In a nutshell, this is how the weltwarts program works:  There is a sending organization in Germany (approved by the German Government) that identifies and matches the desiring volunteers  to the hosting organizations in India (or other countries).  

Hope House is a hosting organization in India for the weltwarts volunteers that are matched and sent by a sending organization that is situated in Frankfurt, Germany called


DIZ.  We have been hosting the volunteers since 2015 and currently we are hosting two volunteers at a time but considering the expansion of our work, we feel that we could use six female volunteers at a time.  Those six will be assisting in the following areas:




We are located in a town called Vellore in a state called Tamilnadu.  We are ideally located because we are in a small town where your expenses will be low but we are just 2 and 3 hours away from two metropolitan cities called Chennai and Bangalore respectively.  Both these cities are connected to Germany by international flights  and Chennai has the German consulate to feel at home.  Vellore is connected to the entire India by train and soon there will be air connectivity as well.  

We would love to host you and make your stay as comfortable as we have made it for the earlier volunteers.  If you like to talk to our earlier volunteers, write to us and we'll network you with them to help you know more about our organization.  Call DIZ in Frankfurt today at +49 (0)69 7940 3920 and apply now ( ...

Come, experience India

through volunteering

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