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Internship @ THH

Our organization has grown to an extent where we allow our employees to go on sabbatical to learn from others (including oversees visits) and also allow outsiders to come and do an internship to learn from us as well.

We welcome Ms. Vaishnavi Menon from Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) who is studying B.A. in Social Work (rural development) to do a month long internship to test our internship modules to fine-tune to host any graduate (preferably social work graduates) as future interns.


She will be tested on five different modules namely:

1. Fundraising module

2. Research module

3. Legislative module

4. Projects module.

5. Networking module


She will be put through an intense work environment with good amount of assignments to complete to help her to get a good grasp of the concepts that she is intending to learn.  It is our hope that these five weeks will promote learning on a mutual basis.  Visit this link to know more about our internship program and/ or if you have a comment to write, drop them below.


Vaishnavi, welcome. 

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