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Child of the month

"Child of the month" award is a tool we use to reinforce positive behaviours among the Hope House children.  For the month of February, Bhavana is been chosen.


Bhavana is a young lady in eighth grade who came to the Hope House under difficult family dynamics.  She is studying in a state school in English medium.


She is an above average student in academics and very interested in learning about the  world affairs.  She is an inquisitive child who asks lots of questions to clarify her doubts.  She is a competitive child who loves to be in the forefront to lead the flock.  For now, she says that she wants to appear for civil services exams and we want to mould her into that line of thinking or whatever she may choose to pursue at a later stage.

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-02 at 6.42.49 PM.jpeg

Physically, she is a strong child who is interested in participating in physical sports, dancing, gardening and taking care of the Hope House's livestock etc are her other interests.  When classmate and  best friend - Monisha, are together, there is no dearth of giggles and it is so beautiful to see them enjoy life as it comes.

She helps out the staff in the daily chores in the kitchen and very respectful of all the children and staff of the Hope House.  We are very proud that she is been chosen as the 'Child of the month' and we know that she will continue to shine in the future.          

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