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3 important steps to complete before you register for adoption.

This article is intended for the families that are Indian and living in India (called as ‘Resident Indians) desiring to adopt a child under the provision of JJ Act. Regulations governing other categories (NRI/ OCI and foreigners) may be different so you’re advised to review the latest regulations governing adoptions.

Adoption is always done in the best interest of the child and often times prospective adoptive parents (PAPs) enter into this journey without knowing this fundamental principle and many other aspects of adoption. Hence, it is advisable that they do these three important things first:

1. Pre-adoption counselling (PAC): Right now, the latest regulations governing adoption stipulates that the PAC be done by the social worker of the selected specialized adoption agency or the empanelled district child protection unit (DCPU) or the State Adoption Resource Agency (SARA).

According to the regulations, this step (PAC) is to be undertaken after the registration (first step in adoption) but by the time the social worker comes home for home study and to do PAC, you may have emotionally invested yourself into the process of adoption. So, it is advised that you receive PAC before the registration so that you can make an informed decision as whether to go forward or not. Home study also costs the PAPs so by receiving PAC before registering, you could save that amount of money if in case you choose to back out of adoption. There is no restriction in terms of receiving PAC from other people than that are mentioned above. If you feel comfortable, receive PAC from private service providers who might charge you a small fee.

2. Read the regulations: Once you receive PAC, you’ll have very clear understanding whether to go forward or not. If you choose to go forward, the best thing that you can do to become empowered about adoption is to read the latest regulations governing adoptions which are available in Hindi and English. While reading these regulations, you must prepare notes for yourself to have clear understanding and to document queries.

3. Ask questions: Now you have received PAC and read the regulations but have some questions. It is better to clarify your questions preferably from adoptive parents who have gone before you and adopted children. There are many adoption groups on the internet that are genuinely catering to the needs of the PAPs. You can join in one of them and start asking questions.

Once you complete the above given three steps, you would be fully prepared to decide whether to go forward or not. If your answer is to go forward, then you must register on Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) of Ministry of Women and Child Development of Government of India web site at Once you log in, you should go to CARINGS link and complete the registration and you’re on your way.

Happy adoption journey…

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