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Educational tour to the city of Hyderabad - Day 2

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Our day began earlier than yesterday because the attraction (Ramoji film city) opens at 9:00 AM. I do not know what went behind their thinking but most of them were wearing long gowns and they all looked pretty.

When we entered the film city, there was so much disbelief among the girls to learn how the movies are being made. Especially when we went to see the sets of the popular Tamil movie called “Bahubali”. The sets are so extravagant and real that they had to touch to feel that it is fake. They went behind some of the sets that looked real only to see that the set is propped up by scaffoldings. They saw the abandoned ship that was used in the same movie which never sailed on water but was made to look like one by using the technology. They learned about how green screen technology is used to make movies. At one location, they saw Tamil comedian - Yogi Babu, and they also heard that Rajini Kant was on the set but they couldn’t see.

Looking at all these, they had several questions ranging from time it takes to make a movie to the amount of money one needs to make a movie. We never lose an opportunity to teach.

We helped the girls to learn why we have to pay to watch a movie and how it works in the worst interests of our country and its economy when we resort to watching pirated movies just because it is available for free.

While visiting the makeshift international airport, there was a dance gig and they encouraged everybody to join in. Hope House girls never miss an opportunity to dance (watch the video at the link given below).

They liked traveling in the vintage buses to go to different points in the attraction but what frustrated them the most was the language spoken by the tour guides and the food being spicy. Tour guides mostly spoke in Hindi/ English and Telugu which is the regional language. There again, we learned about the importance of embracing diversity which in itself leads to tolerance. Children also learned about the educational qualifications required to join the film industry at various levels.

Last program for us was the Pongal carnival. Perhaps it is the first time that the girls were watching a live show and it was a treat to watch them enjoy. Compared to yesterday at Wonderla, they were tired today (from walking) so we decided to come back early. But they all gathered in my room after the dinner and they had such laughter that they were all holding their tummies. We said good night to each other at 10 PM and departed to our rooms. You can view all the 15 photos and one video at this link

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