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Extraordinary intern at the Hope House

Meet this young lady - Lara Liza Koshy, a first-year law student at Christ University, Bangalore, who chose to do a month long (from December 1st to December 30th) required internship at the Hope House.

She was required to complete three different modules namely:

  1. Legislative module

  2. Organizational module

  3. Fundraising module

In the legislative module, she has studied JJ act with a special focus on adoption.

In the organizational module, she was required to engage the children in the children's home with the activities of her choice but valuable to children and also to assist the caretakers to look after the babies at the specialized adoption agency.

In the fundraising module, she was given a task to raise needed funds to support a baby's milk formula cost for one month (Rs. 4850). She was told clearly that there is no reward for raising more nor punishment for raising less. This exercise is to enable her to experience one of the most difficult aspects of NGO operations. She was to follow only one condition and that is, not to raise funds from her close family members.

Two weeks into her fundraising, she raised more than Rs. 17,000 (with a smallest donation being Rs. 100 and the largest donation being Rs. 5000) and seeing Lara meeting the target, her family reached out for permission to contribute to her campaign as she had given them positive feedback of her experience. With a heartful of gratitude, we said yes, and the rest is history. As of today morning, Lara's campaign had raised Rs. 55,450.

We presented other needs to Lara for her permission to use the proceeds and she gladly agreed. Here are the things that the proceeds will be used/ already used.

  1. 10 boxes lactogen 1 (Rs. 4850)

  2. 10 Crib mattresses (Rs. 24000)

  3. Mosquito mesh for three windows of a dormitory (Rs. 27000)

Items # 1 and 2 (from above) are already procured (as you can see in the image) and mosquito meshes will be fitted soon.

You can view Lara's campaign at this link:

Lara, thank you for your big heart to support our work in a way that you did, and we want to wish you all the very best in your academics and every one of your future endeavors. God bless.

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